olio1For the extraction of our olive oil we take all the possible precautions and attentions in order to obtain the best olive oil from this very old fruit. The desire to research and reach the best possible quality for our extravirgin olive oil has led us to the construction of a little olive mill.
During fall the olives are harvested at the right ripeness and pressed daily. Our cold press olive mill has all the requisites for the extraction of an extra virgin olive oil at the top of its quality potential. To preserve all the characteristics of the olives quality produced in our region we produce three types of monocultivar: Leccino del corno with an almond and artichoke taste that perfectly bond together; Frantoio with a fruity taste and a sense of green herbs and artichoke (winner for two years of a silver medal at the Los Angeles olive oil competition); Moraiolo spicy, highly fruity taste with a sense of fresh almond and artichoke. We store our olive oils with all the appropriate attentions to preserve their qualities as in the day they were pressed.
Tasting these olive oils gives the sensation of the magic of nature in a natural and healthy product.